Friday, March 7, 2008

Search Phrases

I love that people from all over the world visit The OrangeOrb. Thanks to my map stats thingie, I can see the search phrases that people have used that brought them here.

Some are interesting. . . like:
hypnosis and mind control night chills
It isn’t uncommon for abductees to complain of feeling chilled during a hypnosis session, but “night chills?”


I like the insistence of this: all in caps, no bones about it, invisible AND aliens, damnit! As readers know, I’ve written a few different items on what I call invisible aliens. Seems I’m not the only one not seeing them.

meaning of orange orbs
Hmmm, well, don’t think I helped. If I knew what the meaning was, I wouldn’t have this blog.

nick redfern penn and teller
That’s one trio I don’t want to know about. Although Nick would probably have a good old time and be just fine. Me, I don’t have the patience. Also, it’s probably a guy thing.

what do orange orbs mean?

Another one who seeks. Or is it the same person? Did they see an orange orb too?

orange thing in the sky on 5th march

Hmmm, where, when? Who?

what if an orb keeps following me?

The mystery is beginning to make a bit of sense . . .

ufo bubbles
I don’t know what those are, but they sound like fun

A few phrases around UFO Fest McMinnville (coming up this May; I’ll be there! If you plane on being there let me know!)

And a few on women researchers and UFO weird Bigfoot.

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