Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tonnies and UFO Theater

Mac Tonnies has a good piece: Reconciling UFOs and the "Singularity": Part One. He makes a lot of on the mark comments on aspects of the UFO phenomena that many researchers, and certainly skeptics, don’t deal with.

The UFO phenomena, with its craft, aliens, and behaviors, are entertaining and they like to perform for us. That much is clear. Tonnies writes that the phenomena has a “theatric flavor” which is obvious. The question, asked by so many, skeptics and researchers alike, is repeatedly asked: ”Whey don’t they land on the White House lawn?” Well, it doesn’t seem to be the point, does it; they would have a long time ago if they had wanted to. What’s the fun in that?

Something else is going on, even if there are biological entities from outer space. Tonnies makes some good points on this, including referencing Jacques Vallee.

As I’ve said many times here on the Orange Orb, there is much more to the UFO phenomena that goes beyond just a nuts and bolts theory. AND, the nuts and bolts theory doesn’t necessarily negate the other, or vice versa.

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