Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beliefs and The Messengers

Skeptic and atheist Richard Dawkins has a piece in the Los Angeles Times:
Gods and earthlings: the science of intelligent design is science-fiction. I'm not going to comment on the whole article, just one thing Dawkins said.

Dawkins tries to make the case that arguments for Intelligent Design by the religious are wrong (no surprise there) and they use the aliens from space argument to support theirs. As does Dawkins himself to use against them, as he points out. Naturally, it's no surprise Dawkins thinks both arguments are equally insane and irrational.

Dawkins alludes to the cargo cults, and comments that if we were to land a jumbo jet in a primitive village, we'd be considered gods, or a God. He quotes Arthur C. Clarke:
"Any sufficient advanced technology is indisitngule from magic."

UFO and abduction researcher Budd Hopkins makes this case as well in his book, co-written with Carol Rainey,Sight unseen: science, UFO invisibility and transgenic beings
What seem almost magical to us when witnessing UFOs and related phenomena is really advanced technology. And I think most of us understand that. Some of us put it all off on "aliens" and, it just might be aliens some of the time. We can't imagine that we have anything close to that technology, so aliens it is. Still, for most of us, that doesn't make them gods, or God. Then again, they could be exactly what some people think of as "God." Are aliens God, or is God an alien? Not much difference. But I'm getting off track here.

I only want to point out something about what he wrote here:
To deserve the name of God, a being would have to have designed more than just a jumbo jet or even a starship. He would have to have designed the universe.

What's wrong with this is the assumption that we know anything about what aliens are, even when disbelieving in them. This is a characteristic of the fundamental skeptic. They vehemently dismiss any "belief" of psi, psychic phenomena, ghosts, or aliens, yet at the same time have elaborate systems in place concerning their behaviors, the expectations, the mechanics of how these things work.

No, it's not that "he" (the alien) would have had to design the universe. It' that the people the alien appears to has them believing he designed the universe.

This may sound nit picky on my part, but it's an important distinction.

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Lisa A. Shiel said...

Dawkins himself has admitted to treating Darwinism as his religion, and vowed to reform his ways. It's a rather startling admission from someone who wrote a book called "The God Delusion."

Evolutionists MUST resort to ridicule to silence the opposition because the theory of evolution has so many holes in it. Even the evolutionists don't know how life began in the first place, a problem they try to dismiss as unimportant.

If they don't know how life began, they can't "know" no higher intelligence had a hand in it.

Lisa A. Shiel
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