Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Those Spiky Drones

I'm not giving the whole drone thing another minute of my time. Oh, I'll still lurk around the topic, as I do with many of the topics that are a part of the giant multi-facted spinning thing called UFOlogy, but I'm not going to research it, read about it, or write about it. My time on paranormal, esoteric and UFO stuff can be better spent. (Something might catch my eye and I'll find I can't resist writing about it, but it'll have to be big.)

Whatever the drones are, they're not UFOs from outer space.

They're hoaxes. No one's come out yet with it, and maybe that's the evil plan; if it's a psy-op monkey wrench, they're not going to come out, their job is done.

If it's some sort of spy robot thing, then that's what it is. Lots of them around you know. We've been in big trouble for a long time around that issue. Which is a lot scarier and more tangible than UFOs from space. Forget the aliens, it's Dr. Evil Global Corporate Big Brother we have to worry about.

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fodderbutwiser said...

Yup! Hear that!
I've been following "events" in this area for decades, and it would take Motherships over every city, or a DMT-free face-to-face to get my serious attention (and I'm not knocking DMT).
Actually, the Mothership scenario
would have me VERY suspicious.
Too MGM.
Just like Issac and his droning sounds like a Sociology dissertation.
And SERPO. All I had to see was "we brought no microscopes..."