Saturday, May 17, 2008

How Will We Ever Know If It´s "Full" Disclosure?

I wrote this the other day; it's up at American Chronicle. After hearing Richard Dolan's presentation last night, I've been thinking about this more. There's always the possibility of disclosure by "them," -- the aliens, or whatever/whoever they are. Open, full disclosure, not the covert, one on one disclosures that have been taking place. This isn't the final response to the idea of disclosure, or addresses all of it. It's just one angle into what really is a complex idea, with many potential ramifications.

How Will We Ever Know If It´s "Full" Disclosure?

The hopes for full disclosure about UFOs will remain forever unfulfilled.

There are earnest efforts by many, pushing for disclosure, but that day when the government reveals all will never come. As I´ve said many times, there are a few reasons for this opinion. One, the elusive, covert nature of the phenomena is an innate part of the phenomena.

One aspect of this dance (close, far, in your face, jump back, hide, blatantly expose itself with lights and beams and beings. . .) is its oppositional position alongside the infrastructure. Science, media, academia, governments, institutionalized religions, will never "take UFOs seriously." They´re not set up for that. They can´t.

The UFO phenomena experiences flaps not only in the UFOs themselves, like sightings and encounters, but in pop culture´s and societies awareness. From the popularity of TV shows on UFOS to governments releasing some of their files on UFOs, and witnesses (often decades later) coming forward, these things happen in waves. So it often looks like "ah, the big moment is sure to come any minute now!"

No, it isn't.

One thing that always surprises me about the hopes for disclosures is the acceptance that whatever government, via whatever agency, is releasing everything it knows. I highly suspect that for every bunch of stuff released by MOD, or the FBI, or the French government, the Russian government, etc. there are tons of papers yet to be released. Or redacted. Or burned, shredded, conveniently "lost," and so on.

How do we know that what is released publicly is the real thing? Just because they say so? What´s the story behind the little we´re allowed to see?

Efforts for disclosure are well meaning, and while I don't think it´s going to change anything, it can´t hurt. We have learned some things, and that´s good.

Just be aware that we´re never getting the whole story, and we never will. There isn´t some global plan among the governments of the world to simultaneously release all it knows on UFOs.

This jaded view of disclosure doesn't mean I´m anti-conspiracy. The documented history of governments mind control programs, debunking campaigns, weapons and psy-ops makes it quite clear that we are targets to be used at their whim. This is certainly as scary as aliens. A mass landing, caught on tape, aired on CNN? Sure. But are they aliens, or some kind of staged by humans event? The MILAB (military abductions) scenario is still considered pretty paranoid by many within the UFO field; as long as we hold the view that governments wouldn´t do things like this, we´ll remain naive.

Whenever new information is released, we need to consider that we´re only getting a little bit of the story; that there is very likely much more to be learned. For every piece of information we get, there are many pieces left behind. And for every document allowed to enter the public arena, we have to look at it with some skepticism. Just because they say it´s so, doesn´t mean it´s so.

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