Sunday, June 22, 2008

Orb News

Which isn't much.

Busy as usual with work and projects unrelated to UFOs and the esoteric. (I realize that for some Orb readers, that comes as a shock -- the idea I actually have a life outside of wasting time on UFOs.)

As a couple of recent posts here have shown, there's heavy chemtrail activity in Eugene. Today there isn't any. . . as far as June weather goes, it's more muggy than anything. Yesterday was what we call "spaceship" weather. Heavy, muggy, humid, -- like the sky is waiting and watching, and you can feel it. So we call it spaceship weather, because it seems like the perfect setting for the ten mile wide mother ships to come through and land.

I have a couple of things on Mating Hedgehogs about the Anonymous movement and Scientology. Besides the zeolotry exhibited by these people, it also strikes me as ironic in many ways.

Lesley has some interesting reflections on Sexism in Esoterica on Women Of Esoterica.

I like what's happening over at the UFO Magazine site and blog. Lots of good and interesting postings over there.

My blog Vintage U.F.O. has a new look. I changed the black.

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