Friday, June 20, 2008

Today's Chemtrail Synchronicity:It's a Bit Eerie

It's June. Summer, school's out, warm-hot days, etc. But things are askew here in Eugene, Oregon. The school I work for, a public school, is on an alternative schedule; we don't get out until July 1, and the days here this June have been cold, rainy, strange indeed. The past few days however have been June like: hot. And all under a chemtrail laden sky.

Today and yesterday were particularly bad; tons of chemtrails in the skies. And not just straight ones, but criss crosses, loops, half circles. And a huge "chembow" around the sun today at about 1:00 pm. Yesterday gave us a sky fulll of trails, and patches of iridescent oily patches.

We've seen the chem bows before, and we've seen the oily rainbow bits as well. Not too often, but there.

Today the trails came out early, squashing hope of a blue sky, as the morning promised. Soon the sky was littered with the trails. And by 4:00 pm the sky had gone from blue and sunny with a few clouds, to a glazed milky haze that covered the sky, going from hot to muggy.

At work, outside, and three of us (and another adult nearby but out of ear shot, I assume. . .) discussing all the weird stuff up there, particularly the chembow. Someone thought it was because "it's the first day of summer." They hadn't heard of chemtrails; both asked me what I meant when I said that. I just told them to Google it. At least they looked up, and had noticed the weirdness, and even commented on the weirdness. One person said they don't look up much, and that anything could be going on up there, they don't think about it. I'm paraphrasing but that was the sense of it.

(With these kinds of perceptions and responses to what's right above us, it's not surprising the government can blithely get away spraying that stuff right over our heads.)

So I go inside, on break, check my e-mail. And find an e-mail from someone who said they read one of my "blog postings" about chemtrails They also live in Eugene, and commented on the chemtrails, including the chembow. Indeed, he or she called it a chembow.

What's even stranger is that the e-mail was sent at the same time (1:00 pm) I was outside with the others, looking at sky, talking about the trails. Pretty eerie!

Reminds me of the stories of people discussing crop circles and then go out to find, later that day, or the next day, a crop circles in the very spot they were discussing, etc.


Ray said...


I’ve read some stuff about chemtrails. How do you personally tell the difference between a normal contrail and a chemtrail? Patterns? Physical characteristics? You mention a chembow. Ice crystals can be formed within a contrail. Couldn’t that cause the rainbow effect?


R. Lee said...

Hi Ray,

Briefly, chemtrails differ in that they vary in type, last for hours, appear in various patterns. Sometimes white sphere shaped objects -- probably monitoring devices of some kind to take readings -- appear either in the trails or nearby.

As to the ice crystals, I've yet to see one in contrail or a chemtrail; rainbow slick patches have been seen (a few years ago there was a HUGE one so large people actually were looking up, for once) and while there was chemtrail activity, it wasn't "in" any trail.

I refer you to Colin Bennett's article on this:

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