Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Blog: "UFO-Mary"

I know, I probably need help, but I have a new blog: UFO Mary. Not the best title, but I wanted something that would say it's about Marian Apparitions in non-religious context and a Fortean, Paranormal UFO context.

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Alien Contactee said...

There's always room for another blog. As a matter of fact, one can't have enough blogs, just need more time. I steal it from my daughter and my dog.

My blogs have completely taken me away from my forum and I feel so bad but I'll get over it. But for now, my blogs are ruling my life and taking up all of my time so I can't think to worry about how I feel in regard to abandoning my forum. lol

I'm laughing at myself as I type.

When I work in the blogs, I turn off the world because I'm so busy thinking about this, that and the other thing, seeking pictures, looking for ideas or just reading. The dog will come up to my side wanting to go outside but he has to wait until I'm done ROF

Dog food? Get it yourself pup. lol

It's a drug now. I've got a serious blog addiction. Is there a place that we go or someone I can call. ROFLMSO