Monday, July 21, 2008

Orb News

Farah Yurdozu's back from Roswell Festival . . . I've been getting some odd emails: one about MIBs, UADS, and a plea for secrecy, a few from an unknown on Doty's lying ways, a possible -- or not -- Chip Coffey impersonator, or, not . . .Jim's putting up images at a furious pace . . . I'm really liking my new blog UFO-Mary . . .I saw an unpleasant and pretentious movie last night: BUG yeah, I know, it was a play . . .Dr. Bob Jacobs kicks Nye's smarmy ass . . .I was gifted Daniel Pinchbeck's 2012:The Return of Quetzalcoatl upon scanning it I find a very interesting chapter on the greys as gnomes; now that's different . . . trying to keep up as usual on all the UFO Fortean news of the day -- and books by Redfern, Beckley, O'Brien . . .next issue of UFO Magazine, my article is on Silver Suited Aliens, including my own experiences of the shiny little devils . . . I scream YES! in The Green Room . . . There are now twenty-five! separate threads about Bigfoot on the skeptoid James Randi forum! . . .I have an e-book and more to come! on . . . speaking of writing visit me on Author's Den . . .have a good week! Don't forget to look up!

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