Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Orb Thingies . . .

Bigfoot Fever: Bigfoot and Skeptics will be up on Binnall of America sometime tomorrow. Seems skeptics have Bigfoot on their brains and can't get enough . .. I was glad to read what Wm. Michael Mott, and The Daily Grail, and others have been saying about Edgar Mitchell's big time revelation that UFOs and aliens are real: he's been saying that for years. I thought I was becoming jaded when the "news" hit; "Er," I said to myself "Haven't we been here before?" . . . Still liking UFO-Mary so visit, why don't you, it's evolving into more than just "Mary" . . . Still reading Beckley and Redfern . . . find myself revisiting MIBS and black helicopters and realizing more and more that going back on UFO history is only helpful, not a hindrance as some UFO researchers believe. . . several times now in the past few days I've written on Peter Davenport's comments concerning the UFO/nuclear weapons sites connection he made at the McMinnville Festival last May, and each time, something weird happened; like late last night, I lost the article. Gone, lost, eaten up by laptop gremlins. What did Davenport say, you may ask? Well, if you know his politics, you can guess, and more on that later . . .Many years ago I read an article in, I think, UFO Magazine, about the sad and strange death of Danny Cosolaro. I've been intrigued by this ever since; read Stalking the Octopus about Kenn Thomas, of Steamshovel Press, who's been following this story since the beginning . . . wondering about the knee jerk dismissal of some UFO researchers, and some would be, wanna be fence sitting UFO researchers -- who reject the dark side of UFO research as nothing but paranoid conspiracy indulgences. . . I discuss Two Chupacabras on Frame 352 ... James Rich Studio adding more categories and will soon be offering glicee prints for a fraction of the cost of an original painting. . .and my eighty year old mother informed me the other day she wants to start a blog, and how does one go about doing one? Right on, mom! . . . Really, so much more but not enough time so this will have to do.

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