Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vaeni On Dolan

In the April (2008) issue of UFO Magazine, contributor Jeremy Vaeni has an article about Richard Dolan: Praise for Dickie Dolan. In giving kudos to Dolan for his research, Vaeni also says:
He isn't all about compiling government documents -not that that's an easy task or one I'm taking lightly. I'm saying he's got more to his repertoire, and it's about damn time someone with genuine intellect,genuine curiosity, and the ability to sift through new data just sat down and considered everything anew.

Vaeni says what should be obvious, but to my constant surprise, isn't to many: that we don't know what the aliens are, are from or are up to, so any pronouncements about that are only speculation. Nothing wrong with speculation -- we need specuatlion -- as long as we remember that's all it is. Instead of asking, (or telling) others what we know about UFOs and aliens, we should ask, Vaeni suggests:"What do we know about us?"

Vaeni has been "crying this" for years, giving Dolan credit for also understanding this:
If anyone is qualified to ponder it, it's him. Why? Because he doesn't have his answer and he's not looking for it. He's looking, period. (italics mine.)

I like it!

Jeremy Vaeni in UFO Magazine, April 2008: Praise for Dickie Dolan, pp 28 - 29

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