Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Orb

I forgot it was Sunday!

My Trickster Realm column for Binnall of America is on, now bet you can't guess . . . yep, that's right, the Biscardi Georgia Bigfoot Circus. I know, everyone has been commenting on this, including me. But this piece is inspired by a comment The Anomalist posted the other day: "have there been any positive takes on this story?" as well as Danielle Lee's piece on her blog The Spirit Guide, and Women Of Esoterica. So do I decide that I've been too harsh, too grumpy, too humorless? Read Turn That Frown Upside Down! and find out.


Speaking of animals, (as we all are) I had a series of odd animal encounters today. I comment about them on Trickster Northwest.


Pin Up Art
Nothing to do with esoterica, UFOs or anything of that nature, but I'm shamelessly promoting Jim's artwork. So go take a look, okay? I suppose I have to put a warning and say that some of the work is "adult" so if you're offended by naked women, don't look. Visit James Rich Studio, also his gallery, with over 159 paintings, at


Speaking of Pin Up art and such, I have a new blog: Pulp Jello. I had to have a place to indulge my love of vintage ads and cover art!

Image: The Brink of Sleep, original artwork by James Rich

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