Monday, October 13, 2008

Emerging From Blogger Hell

Somehow, I managed to get everything back. Well, it was all still out there, but I couldn't get into my blogs; only to post, but not to change things or retrieve things, etc.

It's a long story but has to do with Google Blogger having way too many complicated and - this is key -- unnecessary rules and loops and hoops -- to go through.

I'm finding that in my life, this seems to be the norm. Past few days, just about all areas of my life have been this way, from the mundane to the big. WTF? in other words.
Of course, that's the way of the entire globe these days: one huge and very major SNAFU, to say the least. That aside, the powers that be, whether it's on a local level like work or home, or your pleasant little town, there's a lot of ridiculous time wasting spinning wheel crap that doesn't do anyone any good at all, except to work everyone up and not get anything productive, positive, and loving done.

Rant over. Really, I'm happy! Blogs are back! Yea for me.

I'm still looking for reliable alternatives, but in the meantime, here we are.

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