Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mothman, Fire Eating Cousins, and Mystery UFO Guest

Lots of synchronicities in my life lately.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by someone who found my request on line about my grandmother Louise Gladstone (Lee.) Turns out we're second cousins. You can read more about that on Women Of Esoterica. But after the initial contact, I hadn't heard from her again, and was thinking very heavily about her yesterday; couldn't get her out of my mind. Today I found several e-mails from her about what she's found. (One interesting thing was that someone in the family had run away as a teen, returned home a few years later, with her husband, a fire eater. Not that unusual, considering that side of the family is what you'd call "circus folk.")

I'm reading Gray Barker's The Silver Bridge, which has been reprinted, thanks to Andrew Colvin, author of Mothman's Photographer II. So I pick up a bookmark that was in the bottom of the book basket, not even looking at it, turn it over, and there's a picture of a butterfly on it.

Finally, I'm associated with a local group of people who are very interested in UFOs, and they had quite a bit to do with bringing Dr. Stephen Greer here to Eugene about five years ago. One of the "members" of this group has been working hard to get another speaker here; we had discussed this awhile ago. I was thinking of him and what was the status, etc. very heavily yesterday as well; when, again, I found an e-mail from him today. Looks like it's going to happen, and more on that later. Very exciting!

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