Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Orb

Not much this Fall Sunday....

New posts over at Women Of Esoterica.

I like the new show My Own Worst Enemy. Better than I thought it would be. I like Eleventh Hour as well, but it isn't as good I had thought it would be. So there you go. Just about all of my favorite shows are laden with psy-op spook stuff, conspiracy, mystery, mysticism, metaphysics, monsters and aliens. Torchwood, UFO Hunters, Monster Quest, Fringe, Numb3rs, 24, My Own Worst Enemy, Eleventh Hour, Pushing Daisies, Eureka. A theme going on here I see, wonder how that is?

New post on Mothman Flutterings, which is really just a link to an article. I've started The Silver Bridge, a book I've been wanting for years. Thanks to Mothman's Photographer author Andrew Colvin, we all have the opportunity to get this book at an affordable price, since he's reprinted it. Check it out on, etc. I can see that I'll be writing a lot about it when I'm finished. Already I'm hooked. And speaking of Mothy things, I have an article in Darklore III about Mothman -- it's not out yet but be looking out for it. You can read about that as it comes, and more, on The Daily Grail .

Predictions of UFO appearances and disclosures, and I just wasn't that excited. Interested, of course; I'm a chronically curious Fortean, but just not excited. I am however intrigued by the opera like goings on about Ian Brockwell's research into the UFO photographed during a thunderstorm. I keep meaning to go further with that, maybe I will. I wonder about the overall bizarreness of photographing aliens inside a UFO during a thunderstorm, MUFON's involvement, and so much more.

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