Friday, November 7, 2008

Bah Humbug and More on Stepheville

I recently posted a piece about the
creepy beam" of light in Stephenville, Texas, aired on the UFO Hunters program last season on UFO Magazine's blog, The Green Room. A comment left: "bah humbug." Bah humbug?! On what; the light, my comments, UFOs,? LOL, I know, just a troll, still. . . don't you wish when trolls post, they at least make sense?

Lisa Shiel has a post over there on her UFO sighting while living in Texas, and a good comment full of data left by aliencontactee, so be sure to check that out.


Atrueoriginall said...

Don't feel bad. It's easy to figure some of these guys out. I just Googled his name along with the acronym "UFO" and it appears that's all he does is go around and blow off steam in the comment areas of UFO sites.

He did the same thing in K. Randle's blog and BJ's blog.

He's not a troll, he's a blatant debunker. You know, the kind that are always reminding everyone that a UFO is something that is unidentified but not alien oriented.

He writes, "u f o `s are real and just what u f o means… unidentified flying objects…NOT FLYING SAUCERS, E T`S, ALIENS, SPACE SHIPS… only the most uneducated retards believe that these sightings are anything but the unexplained… however …in most cases they can be explained…"

Oh yeah, like we can't figure that one out for ourselves. he, he

Those people crack me up. Love the CAPS, it tells me a a lot about someone.

His comment in A Different Perspective was, "ROSWELL FLYING SAUCER ...PURE ...BOVINE DRECK !!!


He has a screen name too of myteedogg on Blogger but has no blogs.

People are funny.

BJ's About blog

K. Randle

Regan: Did you see my email about your address on UFO Mary for the Orange Orb not working. It says .net instead of .com.


Regan Lee said...

thanks for the notice about the link; I hadn't realized that! I fixed it now, -- thanks.

I know I shouldn't waste time on uber-skeptics, because it's what they do, but I just don't understand their bizarre sticking their fingers in their ears routine when it comes to UFOs. For crying out loud, the flippin' things are up there! You'd think they'd be interested. . .