Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy, busy . . .

New Trickster's Realm up at Tim's Binnall of America: "Poor Bandit!" about Newell Partridge's dog who disappeared during the Mothman days.

I also have a piece up at American Chronicle (We Love Bigfoot, Even Though We Hate Him) on the many, many, many Bigfoot threads on the JREF (James Randi's forum.) Which elicited an e-mail from Randi himself!

I ask, over on The UFO Proletariat, Is Peter Davenport Pooped?

I write about the return of the Stephenville, Texas UFO on UFO Magazine's "Green Room" blog in The Return of the Stephenville Lights and a Creepy Beam of Light.

Thanks to all who have visited my mom's blog and left comments. She's come up with a screen name and is encouraged by having a blog on blogger. Visit her blog, "why? . . . thoughts of an angry old woman" here. (And now you know where I got the blog-bug from.)

It's still early but I'm tired; working all day, time change, all that.

One final thing: wondering if I should keep the black blog I have going here, or change it.

Happy Birthday Jim!!!!!

Everyone else, good night!

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