Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Orb

Look for my new Trickster's Realm column up sometime tomorrow on Binnall of America. This week I comment further about Chris Holly's two articles, which The Heave Stuff blog has also commented on. Holly sparked something in some of us!

I comment on a thread between Mothman and Springheel Jack,inspired by Paul Dale Roberts' article: A Look at Springheel Jack and the Interdimensional, on Mothman Flutterings.

Completely redid my promo page: Regan Lee Oregon.

Looking forward to my three week break in two weeks, where I can really get down to working -- and completing -- some writing projects. At least one will be an e-book, available on, a collection of BVM articles I've written previously appearing on-line. Others TBA.

Remember to get an issue of Darklore II if you can! My article is on Mothman, and there are several very excellent pieces in there, including by Nick Redfern, Greg Taylor, and much more. Visit The Daily Grail site or for ordering information.

As always, a lot going on around the internet in the esoteric realm. So many good people with blogs and sites doing their thing; sure, some of it is dippy or what have you but those that focus on just that aspect aren't seeing the good stuff. So have fun, relax, and just be true to yourself. As long as you're telling the truth, you're good. And to those skeptoids and debunkers who insist we're all loons, well, we can't stop them, so let 'em! Me, I kind of like giving it to them now and then -- see my Snarly Skepticism blog -- but really, what can you do? If you're so inclined, let 'em have it, if not, continue to share your experiences and ideas.

It really is all good, much of it anyway, and for those within UFOlogy who should know better, those who blow a lot of hot air and insult others, come up with rules and pontifications of behavior, well, nothing's going to stop them either I guess. Just don't let them intimidate you.

For all those who bravely tell their stories, or put in countless, most often unpaid hours, researching all this Fortean, UFO, high strangeness stuff, thank you!

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