Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank You . . .

As always, so many blogs, not enough time, (I think I'll have to do categories) but Thank You! to:

The Daily Grail
The Anomalist
The Debris Field
Beyond the Dial

Reality Sandwich
Cliff Pickover's Reality Carnival
Alien Casebook
Alien Worlds

for all the daily listings of UFO, paranormal, high strangeness, Fortean goodness in every way. Remember, these bloggers do this for free, not asking for anything -- some may ask for donations, which is understandable (and I've donated) but no fee is required to check their sites, as often as you like, and get the latest links on UFO and other paranormal news. So, thank you!

There are others, no doubt, that give us daily listings, if so, and I missed you, send me an email and I'll check out your site.

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Lesley said...

And thank you for your links to my blogs!