Sunday, November 2, 2008

UFOs, Missing Witness? at Needles, California

I-Team: Mystery on the River Part 2 There was a report of a UFO in Needles, California in May of this year, of a turquoise object streaking through the sky. ( I saw an odd turquoise "cigar" shaped UFO last summer, and someone I know locally, who's been to James Gilliland's ranch said turquoise UFOs or lights are seen frequently. No idea if there's a connection or not of course.)

Journalist George Kmapp reported on this, including giving an account on Coast to Coast when he was hosting, as he does frequently. One intriguing thing about this case is the disappearance of a witness ("Houseboat Bob") and the appearance of MIBS in the area. During the C2C program, Knapp wouldn't give much details into the MIBS or the disappearance of the witness, saying the investigation was still on.

The MIB-like people (?) are called "X-Men" by many locals. The X-Men, MIBS, government agents, whoever, or whatever, they are, are doing the usual MIB like routine of questioning people in the area.

It's good to read up on what is evolving in this case. As the article states, part 3 is still to come.

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