Thursday, December 18, 2008

From Church of UFOlogy: SYNCHRONICITY!

(image source: Crowded; image color manipulated by me.)

A green glow while hunting, that psychic feeling, and synchronicity.

From the Church of UFOlogy, a story about green glows, ufos, and that psychic feeling that "they" know you know they're there.

Two hunters, one who had seen strange green glows coming from below the bluff he was camping at, see the glow again. The first time the hunter saw the glow from his sleeping bag, he was "too tired" to investigate. This strange apathy is common in UFO reports. (I'm reminded of a story a couple I knew about ten years ago told me. Camping in Colorado, they saw a green glow, also in a depression. They investigated, saw a disk shaped craft on the ground, with portholes. They saw beings behind the windows, and some with wands with green glowing tips. The couple acknowledged how strange it was but instead of calling the sheriff, or alerting others, they calmly went back to their tent and went to sleep.) With his hunting partner, they go to look, and see landed ufos, with "men" around them:
At this point I woke my partner up. He became hysterical and wanted to leave. I asked him to control himself for a moment while I looked through the binoculars. As I watched I had the uncanny feeling that the "men" were well aware of my observing them.

The two hunters become hysterical, after witnessing a lot of weirdness, and get the hell out of there. They find a strange object with an insignia that beeps (there's that beeping sound again) and his partner picks it up. Later, one of the hunters has a strange experience on the bus:
Later in Seattle, while riding on a bus, a man sat down beside me wearing a ring that was an exact duplicate of the insignia. His hair was brown and his fingers seemed to be a little long, but other than that, you would never have been able to detect he was other than a human. When I saw the ring my hair stood on end. He got off at a bus stop and I never saw him again. I felt like he was aware that I was "tuned" into who he might be.

The story gets much, much stranger, with elements of MIBS, spooks, psy-ops, contactee stuff,crime, covert head games, and just general flying saucer high strangeness. Definitely worth reading.

Is it true, is part of it true, . . . is part B a screen memory for part A . . . who knows. Does it matter?

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diana said...

Well if it's not true it could be as I have had my own experience and is very similiar. I call them demon's instead of alien's and yes they know exactly when you are aware of them.