Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recent Local UFO Sighting

I received an e-mail from someone very near my own neighborhood, coincidentally, who found my blog . I've changed his name and corrected some spelling but other than that, the e-mail is the way he sent it.
Hello Orange ORb...or R. Lee. :)
My name is John, I live in the Whiteaker in Eugene, and on Friday night, almost a week ago I saw some weird stuff. Ive seen an Orange light twice before this, always going north to south, always between 10 and 11 pm, and one so bright it was through dense cloud cover so thick you couldn't see the stars but you could see the light. Anyway, this time as I'm walking past Scobert park I look up to the right and just above the tree line was I first thought was Mars, because Jupiter? and another have been rising so early. But soon I realized it was moving, but very slowly, so I see it's this same orange light as before, this time going South to north. It had a candle/shimmering quality, also kind of like when you squint your eyes at a street lamp it had those rays of light, but horizontal. So it gets brighter and duller, brighter, and takes about 1 minute to get over head. I started to point it out to people, and as I look back, the one light splits into two, and then a third splits off the first one again and they form up into a perfect equilateral triangle with the point leading forward. They had a quality to the lights now like a Flashlight with a dying battery, and they fizzled out. 3 others and I kept transfixed on that spot, and about 20 seconds later..Whoosh ...shooting star (no sound obviously, that's my dramatic effect :) A second and a third shooting star, all orginiated from this small space in the sky where the objects had just disappeared. The third shooting star, had almost a colorful look to it but it was through the trees for me. I think my friend saw the last one too though from 13th st. He said that it exploded at the end.
Another friend who was out of the city that night said there were alot of shooting stars that night, but being in the bright lights these were the only ones I saw that night, but they were super bright.

Anyway, my neck hurts from looking up so much the last week. If you or anyone you know saw they something I'd love to share the story. No media or internet outlet is going to help me figure out what i saw. Also, I was told that we were testing Missile Intercept Defense systems from Alaska and California that day...if thats true, all the more interesting.

take care

-- Now all I need is to find Sasquatch and i'll die happy :)

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raphnix said...

I've read the contents it's a really interesting story but his last comment made me laugh though.