Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sometimes There Is A Buzz, Sometimes There Isn't . . .

An Evening With Fellow Saucer Heads
I spent the evening with fellow saucer-heads, including a MUFON person. We watched a video of one of Jim Sparks' talks.

The Alien Presence; Or, Not . . .

I've written before about how, when sitting around talking about UFOs, "they" suddenly appear. This has been confirmed by others. It's a distinct feeling, a consistent feeling. While watching the video, and before that, as we went around introducing ourselves, I wondered if "they' would drop by. It's been quite awhile since I've been to a gathering like this. (The last time the aliens dropped in for a listen was in my home, and there were four of us present.) So here we were, many of us with all kind of UFO experiences, including abductions and telepathic experiences, meetings with UFO bigwigs -- quite an eclectic and "serious" gathering of people with UFO interests.

But no hint of "them" dropping by. So I wonder what causes them to stop in and listen, and why they don't other times. Is it random? Is it based on intent and energies of the people involved? Are they interested in just one, or a few, individuals, and are tracking them?

I was looking forward to this meeting, and wanted to stay for the discussion afterwards, but suddenly I was hit with an overwhelming tiredness. I literally couldn't keep my eyes open. Even now I'm exhausted, yet can't stop myself from posting this. Watching the video, I felt both interested, and agitated. I couldn't wait to get out of there. It had nothing at all to do with the company or anything else; I just felt extremely tired.


Sparks mentioned something about feeling different levels of energy when the aliens are around. The closer they are, the stronger the electrical feeling one gets. Maybe there was something in reverse at work tonight. Something draining energy, instead of giving it.

Following this idea of reversal; I was talking with a woman who has had her own telepathic experiences regarding alien entities. I mentioned how there are so many active, professional negative debunkers out there who attack -- and worse. They are on a mission. I asked, rhetorically, why are they so damn intent on doing this? As cliche and trite as it sounds, what are they afraid of?

She wondered if it might be an outcome of abduction from a different intelligence. As many abductees -- like Jim Sparks, who speaks about his process from fear to responsibility and care for the earth (his work regarding the rain forests, etc.) maybe others are also being abducted by a different set of beings, who instill some kind of counter active compulsion in people.

Owl Synchronicity
Owls are sometimes associated with UFOs; appearing as a kind of screen image to hypnotize or lead the UFO witness into the alien realm. Sparks mentions seeing a large projected image of owls before being taken -- or "pulled" as he puts it -- many other UFO writers and experiences have mentioned this as well. During the documentary Sparks showed they showed a giant floating owl image on the wall to represent what Sparks would sometimes see.

So I come home from the meeting tonight, get on-line, click on my home page which is the animal rescue site, click on rainforest and there it is, a large white owl staring right at me; the same kind of owl that Sparks showed; big and white. (owl shown here is not owl shown in video.)


Sparks refers to being pulled, meaning, taken. He describes the literal pulling feeling on his legs, this after first hearing roaring, rushing sounds and energy swirling upwards from his solar plexus, the rushing roaring sounds becoming louder and louder, and then the pulling. I've had this same sensation many times; the last two being particularly interesting, having its own distinct paranormal vibe. My Utterly Completely Wondrous New Age OOBE

going around and around with all this stuff, all this UFO alien experiencer abductee stuff, one eventually reaches one of two conclusions. One, as far out, far fetched, even downright mad as it sounds, you begin to realize there's a lot of consistency out there, a lot of people out there telling their stories. So it's probably true, in some way. . . Aliens are here, get over it. The second conclusion is, we're all mentally ill or liars.

I've had my share of experience, as have family members, as have many people I've discussed this with, and there are consistencies of experience that are downright eerie. In other words, maybe we should be taking these things literally and at face value.

Yes, But . . .

But, I'm not ready to go there yet. Memories of abductions and other UFO high strangeness could be infinitely messed with, it seems, by aliens, so how do we know the experience we remember is the one that really happened?

That's a moot point though, because, even if that's true, the fact is: we are still left with very weird experiences. It doesn't explain a thing. Quibbling about the thin layers of differences, similarities and downright impossibility of such events doesn't change the fact they're happening.

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D. said...

Thanks for your comments Regan
It was nice to see you Saturday and share. So much to consider as we attempt to go beyond the usual and mundane here in everyday life. I'd like to raise my sensory vibration too so as to be aware of the 'hidden' beings in the room also. After hearing Guy write back with,'well, you might think Jim's abductors'd be more spiritually evolved if they can travel great distances instantly' than using the pain techniques to "teach" Jim, well, perhaps they're stooping to a level that more humans could >understand<. Judging by how much negative energy(torture, war, mass murder, etc) human societies have been exposed to over the past astrological epoch(~2000 years), perhaps the greys or whomever feel we'll spread the word amongst us humans more effectively by including pain in the event. On a similar level, the information channels(books, electronic/print media, "entertainment", etc) and their profit motive rely as a formula on using pain and suffering everyday in their information to attain more profit and sell more in commerce. The next step of transcending pain and suffering back to un-ending Love and Joy is then up to us to learn and embrace more fully, as our planet and all of us evolve completely...
--"Saucerhead Too"(your host, Doug)
PS feel free to reach me on my email address which I'm more likely to have time for! :-)