Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stanton Friedman on BOA

Season 4 of Binnall of America's podcast is up and going, and Tim Binnall interviewed Stanton Friedman recently; you can listen to the interview here.

Overall it was a fantastic interview! Tim has been criticized by some for being too exuberant, and not enough grilling of guests. But that's what I like about Tim; I agree with his philosophy that he should let the guest talk. We can make up our own minds. It's not a court of law. And why not be exuberant? We need more of that everywhere, these days. Tim does his homework, he knows the work his guests have done, is familiar with their books, etc. and asks good questions.

Friedman was great; and there are two points he made in particular that I think are very important to keep in mind. The first point was about focus and intent on the part of researcher. (When I say "researcher" I mean anyone involved in exploring UFOs.) Don't be an "apologist" Stanton said, for the UFO phenomena. Own it, baby! lol. Seriously, an excellent point. It often seems to me that some UFO researchers and writers are embarrassed by aspects of the phenomena. Well, it's all part of the phenomena, so get over it. Focus on your particular UFO path, don't apologize for it -- for any of it -- and do the work, wherever that takes you, whatever that means for you.

The second point made was regarding the mystical, metaphysical side to the UFO phenomena. Out of body experiences, meditation, telepathy, etc. What did Stanton think of that in regards to UFOs? Stanton said (I'm paraphrasing) that why wouldn't a technologically advanced species be aware of these things? Why wouldn't they know how to use these abilities, manipulate them? (Or maybe they seem mystical to us but they just aren't; it's their uber-technology that strikes us a magic; magick. But I don't think it's that simple.) I was surprised at Stanton's easy, accepting response to the question because I've always considered a nuts and bolts kind of guy, and he is, but he also goes where data leads him.

Excellent interview, and as always, thank you to Tim Binnall for bringing us -- for free -- such interesting interviews!

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