Sunday, February 22, 2009

Black Triangle/Rectangle UFO Synchronicity

I was looking over all the usual places, like Lesley's The Debris Field, when I saw this: Wonderful Rectangles from Iggy's What's All This Then? blog; the title jolted my memory. When I read that title the dream I had last night came back to me in huge, looming detail. Eerie synchronicity; this is what Iggy at What's All This Then had to say about rectangular UFOs:
Ah, rectangular UFOs! Why do I love them? I suppose it’s mainly to do with the seeming infeasibility of an object that takes such a shape to fly, but mostly… it’s the attendant shards of emotion within that construct wherein it’s just… wrong! I love that sort of thing. Seriously. The more “wrong” the better.

Read on.

I dreamt we were outside at night, and we saw a huge black triangle UFO, except it wasn't a triangle, it was a rectangle. A large white light in the middle that came and went. The thing was so damn huge! It also appeared to be flimsy, and you could almost see through it. At times the object seemed to morph with the surrounding night sky, kind of melt into it, other times it seemed transparent. Over all, the oddest and scariest thing -- for this UFO gave us an uncomfortable feeling -- was its size. And it was flying pretty low, much lower than any plane would be flying.

Adding to the strangeness factor was the sound it made. It sounded like a large helicopter, very noisy. I was disturbed by this fact: "UFOs don't make noise like that!" I kept shouting. The fact that it did make noise convinced many that it wasn't extraterrestrial or interdimensional in any way, just a man-made object, albeit a highly classified one.

The noise was odd, the whole thing was odd, The UFO was flying very low, much lower than any plane, and the intermittent floppping/moprhing/transparency, along with the overly loud "normal plane" noise, made it clear that it was a UFO that was trying to fit in. All that stuff, like the noise, was its cloaking behavior.

Most of the people watching this thing moved on after they convinced themselves it was just a man made object. But I and a few others realized it wasn't. The longer we watched it, the clearer it became that this was far from a man made craft; this was the real deal. I turned to my husband and said "I have to be sure to tell everyone about this UFO sighting when I wake up."

Then I came across Iggy's post!

Adding to the by now expected bits of wierdness in these kinds of things, is the trouble I had getting this post out. Twice in the middle of writing this, blogger just went up and closed down on me. It didn't save what I had saved. Then I tried to post it when I finally had it rewritten, and it still wouldn't go through. It took several tries before I could get this piece posted.

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iggymak said...

Regan! Now, this bit of synchronicity is kinda weird, kinda cool, kinda... something! I do indeed envy you your dreams... that much is certain. I would so love to see one of these things in person... the 3 or 4 I have been fortunate to see were more of the standard configurations, but one of these... ooh! Just spectacular! I'm glad this one wasn't scary... we all get a bit too much of scary in our lives...