Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oregon Coast and the Navy: Responsible for (Some) UFO Events?

The Oregon coast, and in particular the Lincoln county area (Waldport, Yachats,Newport, Toledo,) has its share of UFO events. The Reeves case in the 1960s is a classic; complete with strange multi-colored lights, three very odd high strangeness furry entities walking across a field, UFOs, . . . and I've been wondering off and on through the years if a lot of these sightings, including the Reeves case (where UFOs were seen all over the area, not just at their home on Pioneer Mountain just outside of Newport near Toledo) weren't due to military/naval projects.

Naveed at Naveed's Realm had an interesting post recently about hidden bases in Oregon, including the Oregon coast:Hidden Bases in My Locale...Oregon!

In today's paper I read the following:Lawmakers voice concerns about expanded Navy training along coast Oregon’s congressional delegates say the fishing fleet’s safety is among the issues that need more time for public input, by Wintston Ross.

FLORENCE — Submarines can sink fishing boats, hooking into the nets of midwater trawl boats and rolling the vessels like an alligator in a swamp. Lincoln County Commissioner Terry Thompson said he knows of at least eight boats downed by subs off the West Coast in the decades he’s been a fisherman. He has lost five friends in such incidents, he said.

“One boat hooked into a submarine and got dragged sideways, at 6 knots,” Thompson said. “The crew was sitting at the back deck and the captain was at the wheelhouse. Only one crewman lived to tell the story.”

So when Thompson found out recently that the Navy was planning on expanding the training it does in a 126,000-square-mile swath of the Pacific Ocean between Washington and California, he wanted to make sure the military has Oregon’s fishing fleet in mind.

The navy was very quiet about their plans, taking area residents by surprise and not giving much time for citizens to speak their minds about such plans. Among other things, whales are in danger from the Navy's exercises.

And it seems the navy's been around in that area for some time:
Many people may not know the Navy trains out there in the first place, even though it’s been going on since the early 1900s and includes exploding bombs underwater, firing missiles and 5-inch naval guns, and doing high-intensity sonar testing.

Naveed found that one underground base in the Lincoln County area;
here we go, the first base in Oregon that I found is located around the Lincoln City area (on the gorgeous Oregon Coast) in the Van Duzer Corridor. There people have seen everything from weird lights to army bases somewhere in the woods. One couple apparently even had some missing time out in that area, which tends to be a good sign of alien abduction.

It's quite possible some of the UFO and anomalous related events were, and are, due to naval and other military actions on the coast.

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Naveed said...

Woah...I remember seeing that article (or a related one) on the front page of the Oregonian the other day and for some reason didn't even think about it...it directly relates to what you were thinking and to my post at the same time.

The mystery deepens...or maybe it's the opposite since it answers the question of Naval activity at the coast...either way I'm highly intrigued now.