Thursday, February 5, 2009

Teeny Drone Plane

Lots of chemtrail activity in Eugene past few days, with some unusual for this area formations; criss crosses, bends, and so on. The other day I was looking up at the sky full of trails, curious if I'd see one of those round white spheres, or, just a "whatever." I didn't see any spheres, but I did see something I'd never seen before: a teeny "plane." At first I thought it was a seagull, but quickly found it wasn't. It was high up, but not that high. And it looked so weird at first because it was so small. . . out of context. It was a "plane" in that it was shaped like a plane, and moved like a plane (straight across the sky) but, given it's location in the sky it was strangely small. Like a toy plane thrown up there.

It was all white, from what I could see, no markings or windows.

It could have been someone's remote controlled toy, but I didn't see anyone in the open fields around us, and it just didn't seem like it. Either something to do with the trials, some kind of monitoring device, taking atmospheric readings, or something to do with spying.

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Naveed said...

I think you nipped on the butt with the spying theory. There seem to be all sorts of remotely piloted vehicles that the military is working on now at days.

Given the military's history of black projects it wouldn't surprise if they have tons of those things flying around up there that we have no idea exist.