Thursday, March 19, 2009

Charles Manson Synchronicity

So much to say about Manson, but it'll have to wait for another time. For now, I find it an interesting synchronicity that I'm in the middle of reading the "Manson" section in Andrew Colvin's book Mothman's Photographer III, and click on Yahoo News this morning to find the following item: New photo of Manson released -- with a little "Manson slideshow" in the sidebar. As no doubt Colvin and other researchers of esoteric connections, (the octopus type patterns within) synchroniciites, symbolism know -- something's afoot here.


Kithra said...

I've been offline for the last week, and only just finished installing a new hard-drive and getting my computer back to normal, so I've only just got round to reading the blogs.

Synchronicity that you're talking about the Manson Family as I've just been talking to somebody else about it. A friend of mine, whose name was Marina Habe, was killed in late December 1968, between Christmas and New Year by one of the Manson Family, although the case was never finally solved.

We spent a term at the same School - located in Broadway, Worcestershire, UK. That was back in 1967 or 68. The following year, at the time of her death, I was at another school, in Bath, UK, and we sometimes got to see the evening newspapers. I can clearly recall seeing the headline about her death on the front page - even though it was a British paper - and how shocked I was to read about what had happened. Perhaps it made the UK front page because she was the daughter of Hans Habe, the author, who may have been quite popular in the UK at the time.

I also recall a story that she had been kidnapped, and then killed because her father refused to pay the ransom. That idea arose from the original story, and it wasn't until I read the web reports that I realised there had been no truth in it.

Regan Lee said...

thank you Kithra for sharing this story; I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, how horrible...