Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have a new post at Saucer Sightings; about a painting I did several years ago inspired by ... all those weird visitor type things. You know, the usual stuff.

New posts at UFO Mary and Octopus Confessional as well.

The Universe Solved
Jim Elvidge, author of The Universe Solved, was on Coast to Coast last night. I heard very little of the interview; fell asleep. What I gathered from the small bit I heard was that we live in a "holographic reality" created by "the programmers." Okay, fine, but who programmed the programmers?

Here's what one review, posted on Elvidge's site, has to say about the book:
"FINALLY, a book that will do more than just pose questions and present hypotheses! All that is needed to digest this fine melange of the scientific and metaphysical is an open mind. Elvidge presents his own mix in grand style building upon and crumbling to pieces the time-worn yawns of "why are we here" and "is there more than this". He draws from every angle of the the "known"- from Hollywood and dreams to particle physics and nanotechnology to the cosmos; all laid upon a finely diced bed of humor and pop-culture reference- for a mind-expanding, door-opening, myth-blasting journey that puts words to that "niggling sensation" of our own concepts of reality. Some if it may be a bit disconcerting or just a bit humbling but this book is sure to make a huge impact on many fronts. It is a must-read for anyone who has ever posed the question of existence."- K. Hughes

Lots on his site; articles, a forum, etc. I'd probably find the answer to the "who programmed the programmers?" question if I explore enough.

The Office
Yes, the television show, and it has nothing at all to do with UFOs, aliens, or anything paranormal or Fortean, though anyone working in an office knows that there are definitely surreal and esoteric moments. For some reason the following line just cracked me up and struck me as being very off the wall:
"My German is pre-industrial, and mostly religious."
I don't know what it means either, but I like it.

A great interview by Blogsquatcher with Henry Franzoni. This is a must for anyone at all interested in Bigfoot research. I'm telling you, dahlings, a must!

Speaking of Bigfoot, my Trickster's Realm will be about Yeti; sort of. That should appear Monday.

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