Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New podcast: Cafe Esoterica!

Clearly, I mean it's so obvious, there simply aren't enough paranormal/UFO/conspiracy podcasts, so naturally I had to start one. Well, I'm in the process of going about figuring out how to start one. Something like that.

So be on the lookout. That either means you'll run and listen to something else, anything else, when you know the air date, or you'll tune in.

Format is talk. Not interviewing, just talking. Me and Jim. Seriously, for thirty something years, people have been telling us we should have our own show. They meant in a comedic, Stiller and Mera (that's a dated reference!) kind of way, but still. I want guests of course; it's not going to be just me. Or Jim. Don't be scared. It'll be fun.

Things like self promotion and a spiffy logo and when, how often and how long...details.

All right, off to figure things out now.

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