Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coast to Coast Off Air on Local Station: "Liberal Terrorists?"

Well, I wondered what happened. The only station in my area that carries Coast to Coast is KPNW, a right wing news/talk station that gives home to the ugly rants of Lars Larsen, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck. But at night they carry Coast to Coast, thankfully. Since Friday, the station has been gone. I thought I was going crazy; it simply wasn't there, and the KPNW website, when I checked, didn't offer any explanation. Very frustrating. Today's local paper, Eugene's Register Guard, gives us the story about the station's transmitter problems.

But it seems that isn't all to the story. While the reason for KPNW's off air problems is due to a combination of the heat wave we've been experiencing and old equipment, some locals insist there's a different reason for KPNW going off air. One person quoted in the paper, who lives in Veneta, had this to say about the station being off air:
“You listen to these guys talk, and they are really down on this guy Obama. They really blast him,” he said. “I don’t think he likes it, and I think he has the power to do something. To think, in this day and age that this station can just be off the air for three days … it seems strange.”

(Veneta is a small rural type town; a "bedroom" community just west of Eugene.)

A station representative relates another caller's theory: "liberal terrorists" are the cause:
“One caller said he was convinced that a group of liberal terrorists had gone and attacked our transmitter,” Lundun said. “Obviously that was not the case.”


No mention of Coast to Coast in the article; it isn't weird to follow the likes of the above mentioned clownshoes or to think "liberal terrorists" attacked KPNW, but it's weird if you listen to programming about UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, and other fringe topics, even if one is a "liberal terrorist." Ah well, to be expected, since it's a given that marginalization of such interests will always be. A few years ago KPNW's competition, KUGN, another right wing AM station, aired the Jeff Rense show -- at the same time as C2C -- but they took it off air. As much as I loathe Rense, at least it was something to soothe this Fortean junkie's heart in times of need.

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