Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missing Time in "The Human Mediumship of the UFO Phenomenon"

Bruce of Intangible Materiality writes about our orientation to time and place and wonders if the term "missing time" might be inaccurate. As usual Bruce writes so damn eloquently, and, as usual after reading him I say to myself "I'll just stop now..." The Human Mediumship of the UFO Phenomenon.

I've had two episodes of missing time, which means that I don't remember what happened during a certain period of time. One was in direct relation to a UFO event; the other very likely so; vague memories and the clearer memory of another witness. Both episodes had two witnesses; myself and my husband. Since we call it "missing time" that naturally implies, accurately, that we don't remember what happened. But really, it isn't missing --- something continued to occur, we just don't remember what. A seemingly obvious nit picky detail, but when you shift perspective a bit and look at it that way, it helps. Hey, anything that works in this arena, I'll try it. So now the question is of course, what happened -- what don't I remember? Also; why have missing time/amnesia in the first place? Why dont' we call it "amnesia" instead of "missing time?" We're focused on the missing time part; not the missing memory part. The next question is; what mechanism, or who, created the missing time/amnesia, and why?

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Uli said...

there is no difference between time, memory and thought.
Intense meditators for example concentrate on one object or sound and thereby annihilate all other things for hours/days even while moving around normally. The effect of this is that time as we normally perceive it stops. It is being erased because there are no other thoughts. What seems to have happened years ago(according to calendar) actually just happened a moment ago due to altered perception but, the meditator knows this :).