Monday, July 6, 2009

Triangle Manipulations

This is a pic of a drawing I did a few years ago of the giant triangle UFO I saw several years ago in Dexter, Oregon. I was just having fun with some computer manipulation of images. I did the little sketch in pastel crayon, than played around with the color, etc. on the computer.

The triangle sighting I've posted about before on-line; briefly, it goes like this:
Outdoors at a large gathering in a rural area in August; about five of us standing under a small tree, something, don't know what because there was no sound, made me look up and I saw the huge triangle. No lights, but the shape was definite, and blended in with the night sky. It was still light-ish, not yet totally dark. The triangle blocked out the stars, etc. so you could see a giant triangle shape of dark blue something, not sky, and the surrounding sky was a bit lighter, with stars, etc.

I told everyone with me to look up, they did. We made silly jokes about missing time and checked our watches (there wasn't any) and we just stood there, looking at it. We even commented that we should go tell people, but we couldn't move. Also, sound seemed muffled. Cris and Mark Bales, who had an incredible triangle sighting in Idaho and gave a great presentation on their sighting at the recent McMinnville UFO Fest, said that it was as if a giant blanket had been placed above them. That explains the feeling well.

The triangle left; it just zoomed/slid off, very fast, and very silently. How something so damn big can move so fast, and so quietly, ... very weird. As soon as the thing left, that ears stuffed with cotton ball feeling was gone, and we felt our normal selves again. That sense of apathy and physical sluggishness was gone.

We told others what we'd seen. Just about everyone thought it was interesting, the owners of the property were almost jaded, saying they see stuff like that "all the time around here."

One person was very rude; off the wall rude. He actually, literally made the "you're crazy" motion with his hands; I mean, who does that, as an adult? Then he made a comment about how much beer I'd had; when I told him I hadn't had any beer, since I was the driver, he then said I was smoking too much pot, or on something, for sure. No to all that as well. So then he just said I was lying. Okay, that's when I got pissed off and called him on his calling me a liar, which made him mad, and he walked off.

Anyway. The triangle sighting was different in many ways from other reports; it really wasn't visually as dramatic. It wasn't even black. And no lights. But it was still something else, indeed.

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