Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Hey Buddy": Aliens, ghosts and portals in Africa

The following was in my e-mail box this morning. I've left it as is, complete with grammar, spelling, etc. I think the worst part of this is being called "hey, buddy!"At first I thought it was spam, (I guess it is in a way) but it turns out to be about aliens in Africa. The e-mail is addressed to "undisclosed recipients" which means it was sent out to others, several others, no doubt, who are involved with UFO studies. Maybe you've received this as well.

Hey buddy,
let me introduce my self first, My name is Christopher Nsamba. I resided and studied in the U.S. but am Ugandan by birth. I came back in Uganda five years back. Aug-13-2006 an alien was killed in a place called Mitiyana Mistaken for a ghost. guess what, it was the specie of the Roswell Alien of 1947.
Here in Africa people are ignoran; They insisted they killed a ghost as if ghosts die.
There is also a place called Mitiyana; people see and describe the grey aliens and insist they have seen a ghost.
I volunteered to start teaching Africans about aliens, I have printed books with very basic English because here in Africa English is a second language.
In a place called Fortportal, we have Alien-Human hybrids! You might think am kidding or making fun but buddy am serious. I mean what am telling you and I do know how an alien looks like. Am not mistaking something else for another, am not mistaking 8 for B. Here in AFrica there is hidden evidence from the international world. Uganda in specific.
If you wish, I can send you the book i published as a PDF, it consists of a printout of the nation's news with an alien mistaken for a ghost.
It had 6 toes, 6 fingers, 2 pairs of teeth. We earthly humans have one, but it had two pairs of teeth. I can email you everything upon request.
If we don't teach people about ways of treating aliens, it could be dangerous to human kind; who knows whats to happen on Dec-21-2012. We all know aliens used to be part of us thousands of years back. To put the human race on a safe side, am educating Africans on these creature so that they never kill them again for ghosts.
If you can visit Uganda for a week, meals, accomodation will be on me. I really need to attract the international world to come hear what people are describing down here and evidence on ground. If you can come, the better, otherwise I need help on printingout books which are teaching Africans about Aliens and a Projector. That's it.

Seriously down here there is shocking alien evidence that one should see with their own eyes. If you have contact in Alien Associations please tell them what i have told you and tell them I need help printing out alien teaching books. DO YOU WANT ME TO SEND YOU THE BOOK I PUBLISHED UNDER MAGISWIFT TEACHING ABOUT ALIENS AS A PDF?
You guys if possible, you gotta see for your self. If i send you content; one might think its fiction

Looking at this from a Fortean/folklore kind of angle, rather than fixating on the "is it true?" angle, it's interesting about the ghosts vs. aliens perception.

I'm tempted to take the Fortean bait and read the pdf just out of curiosity. . .

image source: Mystical World.com

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Jeff said...

He may be waiting for your response so he can send you a link to purchase the book in a true spammer fashion. Better yet, tell him you'll come visit as he suggested. He may of course, need some personal information from you first... :)