Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spirit World Contacts?: Dad Synchronicities

The night before last, I had a dream about my father. Rather, my father visited me in the dream . . . it had to do with illness. I won't go into details but I had the definite impression he was trying to tell something about that. (he passed away about ten years ago.) I check my e-mail this morning to find, in the subject line "From one Lee to another" from Jack. Jack was my dad's name. (Lee was his last name, I've never taken my husband's last name as my own.) Then I check Lesley's Debris Field blog, to find her opening post "This and That" about the movie Harvey. Harvey was one of my dad's favorite movies; as mine. We were both film buffs and played movie trivia all the time. . . and my dad was Harvey in a local production in Northern California. (He was an actor.) So, I wonder, are these little episodes communications? Nice to think so . . .

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