Thursday, September 24, 2009

As some of you know by now, my husband Jim had a heart atttack last Friday. It was a biggie, and scary, but the prognosis is good. We're home now from the hospital, he's recovering, and I am so very grateful for all the healing thoughts and prayers from so many of you. Jim has told me, as I sat across from him in the hospital room with my laptop, reading him messages of support, that the numerous messages have helped him emotionally. In Jim's case, he went from being an old hippie anti-doctor/hospital Western medicine kind of guy -- who hadn't been to a doctor in 30 years -- to being hooked up to machines, in a hospital bed for four and a half days, prodded, poked, and shot full of medicines, many of which Jim said he'd never take in a million years. Now he's "whatever, do it" --- mortality punching you in the face can do that to a person.

Thank you everyone for your good thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Healing thoughts sent to your Jim!

Take care of yourself too Regan. Us 'crones' are just as susceptable to coronary heart disease and other heart problems as our male counterparts, which you probably already know.