Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blog Find: Contactees in Their Own Words

Contactees in Their Own Words (Strange Planet)

Very cool blog. Not sure whose it is yet, had some trouble loading. I think that's more my new Firefox browser rather than them. Either way, lots of good stuff over there.

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Thomas M. Cosgrove said...

Thanks for the tip! Looks like a great site. I've been a fan/researcher of the paranormal for decades, but for whatever reason (all in their time?) I have not seriously looked at the abduction/contactee experiences until recently.
Until my neighbors in Tucson opened up to me one day. I was expostulating about things esoteric,
and my neighbor sez "I think we can trust you. What are your feelings about contactees?".
I replied in my best Intermediatist way, and he went on to tell a very wild tale, indeed.

---I am so glad your husband's attack was not as bad as it could have been.
Dodging bullets is dodging bullets!!!