Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Water on the Moon

My eighty-one year old mother has her own blog; "why? . . . thoughts of an angry old woman" where she rants mostly about politics. (I actually run the blog for her; every word on there is hers and hers alone, but I post her items for her since she's limited to web t.v. which, apparently, sucks.) Mom believes aliens and UFOs exist, though she isn't involved in any kind of research or read anything on the subject. She's had her own sighting, that I wrote about on Saucer Sightings, as well as her own theories, one being that she is absolutely convinced there are aliens on the moon.

Her recent items for her blog include the following, about the discovery of water on the moon. It isn't about UFOs, exo-politics or disclosure, just a short mini-rant on the discovery, and humanity's response:

One of the more disturbing things on the news.....the discovery of water on the moon. With that announcement came the statement that"we could build factories there to extract that water and then could use the Moon as a base to further our efforts to reach other planets." Apparently it is not enough that mankind has despoiled this planet....we now have our sights set on the ruination of the Universe.
A scary response, for sure. We can endlessly speculate about ET on the moon and entertain all kinds of scenarios where aliens thwart our greedy,stupid and oafish efforts. Or just pray that common sense will rule and not the Dr. Evil Cabal.

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