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Psychic Communications with Aliens and UFOs: More Oregon Tales

My recent Trickster's Realm article for Tim Binnall: a follow-up to the abduction experience of "Jane" which took place in Gold Hill, Oregon:

Psychic Communications with Aliens and UFOs: More Oregon Tales

In the previous Trickster's Realm, I wrote about a woman who experienced what seems to be an alien abduction in Gold Hill, Oregon. "Jane" also encountered alien beings a few months after her frightening encounter in Oregon a few months later in the Grand Canyon. Her latter experience was in contrast to her first; while the Gold Hill encounter was terrifying and seemed like a "typical" alien abduction in many ways, the Grand Canyon event was a positive one, and concerned different types of beings.

Jane refers to these second set of aliens as "Dimension Travelers." The night before she saw the aliens, Jane witnessed a "huge, imposing golden white orb in the sky." The next night, she encountered beings that were "gentle . . . tall, fair and human in appearance...dressed in white." They communicated with Jane telepathically. They also removed "unhealthy tissue" from her right breast.

A telepathic communication also took place with Jane and aliens during her Gold Hill encounter. However, that first event was an intensely negative one. Under hypnosis Jane revealed that the aliens seemed almost transparent, their skin a "pale shade of grey-green" and they had huge black eyes. They seemed clinical in their actions, and communicated with her telepathically in a matter of fact and emotionally distanced manner.

Jane quotes Oregon UFO author Ida Kannenberg's UFOs and the Psychic Factor to help explain her ideas about her interactions with aliens. For example, Jane refers to page 187 of Kanneberg's book, where Kannenberg points out some of the ways extraterrestrials interact with us:

Hallucinatory craft and occupants due to hypnosis of the contactees ... craft/personalities are unseen, but their presence detected. These are psychic manifestations ... remote contact by telepathy ...

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