Monday, December 21, 2009

Ninja Bookseller and Contactee Synchronicities

My friend and I were at Borders today, and naturally I had to show off Nick Redfern's new book Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction; since he quotes my article on Dana Howard in the book. So there we are, generally having fun and delighted to find the book on the shelves. My friend insists on taking a picture of me holding the book open to the chapter on Dana Howard. I am not kidding, no more than two seconds after I held the book up, a sales clerk swoops down (she must have come down from the ceiling) and says we can't take photos due to copyright laws. "No photos of books in any bookstore in the U.S." she says. My friend said "But she's the author" (in her excitement she meant I was mentioned in the book, not that I'm the author. I certainly am not!) and the sales clerk snaps "She's not the author" with great authority. I had to laugh and couldn't resist; I said "How do you know?" which of course elicited no response from her, as it should. I was being pretty flip. Giddy with my caffeine buzz gone and the crazy crowds of people all day. My friend said, laughing, "No, she's not, but she's in it," which didn't help matters. I thought we were going to be 86'd out of Borders. The woman walked away but hovered in the next aisle spying on us, like we were two naughty middle schoolers in the school library. We both thought the whole thing was funny; my friend kept whispering "Is she still there? She's still there!"

The chapter I'm referring to is I AM DIANE… I COME FROM VENUS, about female contactees, including Dana Howard. Diane means “divine” -- a being from the heavens, something holy and purer than ourselves from the stars.

My friend, whose name is Stella, (which means Star), turned to me and said "You know my middle name is Diane." That's right! I'd forgotten. So there we were, looking at Nick Redfern's book on Contactees, and a chapter on Diane from the stars, with my friend Stella Diane.

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