Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That Blue Spiral, and More Woman in Red Synchronicity

Many thanks to red pill junkie, who left a comment with the following link on my blog UFO Mary. The link rpj refers to is this:
Norweigan Sky Spiral-- Explained As HAARP/Project Bluebeam Demo at the Towards a New World blog. An excellent piece that includes links to articles that clearly show why the blue spiral in Norway was not a failed missile launch.

HAARP and Project Blue Beam, and in context of other weirdness in the world around the same time, like the BVM's appearance in Egypt, really, a big "duh."

Adding to the Fortean strangeness; I've been writing about the woman in the red hood and synchronicities with that and here's another one; when I went to the New World blog, the image on the left, of the blog's owner Lucretia Heart is a lovely picture of what I assume is her, all in red!

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