Thursday, December 31, 2009

Translation of Mexican Pyramid UFO

Many thanks to red pill junkie! He was kind enough to take the time to translate what was being said in the YouTube video clip about the pyramid UFO seen in Mexico that I posted about yesterday. (See Pyramid UFO

Here's what rpj has to say:
OK: First of all, the city in which the video was recorded is NOT Tepec, but Metepec, in the State of Mexico. Metepec has been a hot hub of UFO activity allegedly since the 1990s —there have been some controversial videos from that place as well, such as the (in)famous alien video shot in Metepec by a woman who claimed to have seen a midget-like figure of light in a field next to her house— BTW, I once went to Metepec and met some guys who worked for the telephone company, and they claimed to have seen a UFO landing; maybe they were making fun of me, but they seemed sincere.

But I digress...

Anyway, that Pedro Hernández guy seems to be part of the team of UFO hunters that collaboate with Jaime Maussan (IMO Maussan has lost much of the credibility he held in the past, but I guess ome people still consider him the top Mexican UFO investigator; but that of course does not mean his UFO hunters are not observing and recording unusual things, thanks to their patience and seemingly ample free time to spend looking up to the sky). There were 6 witnesses in this particular sighting, and the people observing it with binoculars said the object had a pyramidal shape (something that it's not easy to perceive in the video due to its low quality). Hernandez says the object was first noticed by a child, so appaently it could be seen in plain sight.

There's also another city called Metepec in the state of Puebla, near Atlixco, where there were also a lot of UFO activity in he 90s. I just made a nice interesting experiment with Google maps. I pinpointed Metepec (Puebla), Metepec (S o M) and found they are relatively close; and even MORE interestingly, if you pinpoint the Popocatepetl volcano (another hot hub of UFO activity) one almost gets a straight line between these three places!

What does that mean? Beats me! :)

PS: Also interesting that they saw a pyramidal UFO in Deltoid, UK. Deltoid literally means 'with a Delta form' and of course Delta is the greek letter that has a form of a triangle.
And he's right of course about the name game Trickster fact that the UK UFO -- triangular, pyramid shaped -- appeared in Deltoid, UK, named after the same shape, further underscored by the its letter origins.

Also interesting detail about the straight line between the three areas; suggesting a ley line or energy path. But, as rpj says, "What does that mean? Beats me!"

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Re. ley lines in Mexico: I have a book written in 1978 entitled 'Los Ovni y la Arquelogía de México' (UFOs and the Archeology of Mexico), co-authored by Pedro Ferriz & Christian Siruguet —Ferriz was the father of Mexican UFOlogy, and was a good friend of Dr. Hynek.

In the book, Siruguet showed several maps suggesting that archeological sites in Mexico were aligned, and that if you drew a line from, say, Teotihuacan to Tula, that line would reach other sites up north, like Chicomostoc & Chalchihuites.

The layman would say 'so what?', but we need to understand that these sites were not only built by different Mesoamerican cultures separated geographically, but also chronologically (some were built during the Classical period, some were Pre-Classic, or Post-Classic).

Are these maps proof of these cultures being aware of ley lines in the orography of the Mexican republic?

I have always wanted to try to test if this alignment is indeed accurate, using Google maps or Google Earth. Maybe I'll finally go about doing it this year :)