Monday, January 18, 2010

New Trickster's Realm: Women From Venus

On Tim Binnall's BoA: Women From Venus.

A typical Contactee encounter took place between human and alien who was often, but not always, Venusian. Contactees were invited into space ships, taken for rides to other worlds, given lessons and information on coming changes for earth and humanity, metaphysics and the like. But there were some Venusian encounters of a different kind.

These Venusians had a different way of going about things. Instead of meeting human contacts out in the deserts or woods, they took another approach. "Omnec Onec" was a Venusian who "walked in" or took over, the human body of Sheila, a seven year old girl who had died in a bus accident. The book, UFO: From Venus I Came, relates the story of this human/Venusian "Contactee."

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Red Pill Junkie said...

This idea of a non-human entity taking over the body of a human that died in a bus accident is very interesting.

In a book I read some 10 years ago, written by Spanish investigator J.J. Benítez (title of the book: Ricky B), he tells the story of another "walk-in": In 1975, an American female tourist riding a bus in Yucatan, dies when the bus crashes (the similarities are, like I said, very interesting).

It is then when, according to Benítez, the body of the dead woman is 'possessed' by an alien. The 'walk-in' goes then to meet a wealthy Spanish business man and has and affair with him. And "she" eventually discloses to the man that she's not human —that's how Benitez heard from the case and started investigated. He even tracked down the woman!

So these Venusian 'walk-ins' might still be around :)

[In this link you can see the cover of the book; apparently you can download it in Zip form (in Spanish, of course), not something I would condone, but given the fact that the book is worth almost 100 bucks in Amazon...]