Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update on Hotlinking and Stealing Content

In response to Hotlinking and Stealing: Don't Be An Ass, Atrueoriginal has   written up this, which is very illuminating and gives us more details on what's going on with the hotlinking and stealing of her content.

Lesley at The Debris Field, and Interstellar Housewife have been posting about this as well. The more bloggers, writers, website owners, etc. who confront the issue of hotlinking and stealing, the better.

Giving credit in a passive aggressive manner doesn't help much. I've seen sites post articles of mine, in full, without "by Regan Lee," or even "from The Orange Orb," just the article. Then, at the bottom in teeny font, is the url, not even the name of the source with link embedded, or name. Sure, technically the offending site links back to mine, but my ego is big enough to want my name up there for all to see under the title of the damn thing I wrote. Or at least, the title of my blog. Speaking of egos, I'm more than happy to have others use my stuff, use it all you want! Just cite my name and link back.


Ray said...

Here's my take on the situation:



Regan Lee said...

thanks Ray.