Friday, January 22, 2010

Venus Contactee Update

I stumbled on a bit more about Omnec Onec: The case of Omnec Onec, an alleged 'Venusian'. Other Venusian contactees, Venusians, and "walk ins" are mentioned, including Val, or Valiant, Thor.

Omnec came to earth in 1955 from Venus, specifically:
in a town called Teutonia (a city whose name reflects earlier Venus-Earth contacts that included a trip to Venus by a German scientist). She alleges that she lived on an astral plane -- without a physical body -- until she was instructed by her leaders to travel to Earth with a message of peace and brotherhood.
Like many of the Contactees, the 1950s seemed to be the decade. However, as researchers have pointed out, including Nick Redfern (Contactees: A History of Alien-human Interaction) there are plenty of contactees, (reffered to as "hidden contactees")in the world right now; they haven't gone away with the ending of the '50s.
The first International UFO Congress convened in Tucson, Arizona, in November 1991, in the presence of presenters Valery Uvarov and Marina Popovich from Russia; Irina Gracchi from Brazil; Anthony Dodd from England; and Omnec Onec from Venus. A standup survey of the 300-or-so attendees would attest to the fact that Omnec stood out from all other presenters.
I love the following description of Omnec at the conference: silver stilettos, "blood-red" polish:
Omnec had a very high IQ. She seemed to know a little bit about almost everything, and could carry on a conversation with anyone about anything. She also had a considerable degree of physical charm: Maybe it was the Chicago accent combined with blood-red nail polish, combined with spiked silver heels - which collectively upstaged her alien intelligence, like the floating vixen in a magic show.
Continuing the Contactee/Venusian theme, here's a clip of researcher Greg Bishop (UFO Mystic blog, author of Project Beta,) speaking on the Contactee era at Gaint Rock, California.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Have you watched the 4 episodes of the remake of the TV series "V"?

It's very interesting how one of the characters —Lisa, the daughter of Anna, leader of the V's— is played by a very beautiful woman called Laura Vandervoort.

And, IMO, this girl has this Nordic/Venusian kind of beauty, with a strong ressemblance to Omnec —when she was younger— so the Venusian meme seems to be alive & well in modern popular culture.

Linda said...

I was in the room after the Van Tassel era, when it was empty. Why did the government feel the need to fill in the room? It was about 14 steps down and nothing dangerous about it. Perhaps they were afraid someone else would move in, or even worse, find it a spot where they could continue to "channel" space aliens?