Thursday, February 25, 2010

Zorgy Awards

Paul Kimball's blog The Other Side of Truth has his Zorgy Awards up again: Zorgy Awards Categories include Best Paranormal Blog, Best Paranormal News blog, Best Podcasts, etc.

Congratulations to everyone who's nominated! Glad to see Binnall of America coming in strong. And congratulations to Lesley of The Debris Field, for best news blog. To my surprise, this very blog The Orange Orb, is in the Best Paranormal Blog category. I'm seriously quite surprised for a few reasons (but hey, after all, I did come in third one year!) but thanks to those that nominated me. I don't expect to win; there are excellent and polished blogs like UFO Mystic and Cryptomundo, which are deservedly in the lead. Hard choice to make, which one to vote for.

So take a look and cast your vote for your favorites. . .


Paul Kimball said...

Zorgy nominated you. He's a fan! :-)

Regan Lee said...

I thank Zorgy then!