Sunday, March 21, 2010

Exploding Glass

A strange and kind of cool thing happened earlier this evening. Jim and I were watching 'Psychic Investigators' while eating our dinner. We were also talking -- a lot. We talk a lot anyway, but we were kind of on a high, for some reason. We started off commenting on the program; then debunkers, then the Flatwoods case and my article I had just finished about that for Trickster's Realm, MK Ultra, the recent book and news about the LSD experiments in France, and so on. Just your typical kind of UFO/Fortean/esoteric nerd kind of conversation.

The energy was kind of "buzzy" and I had a distinct thought that "Hmm, Jim's really excited about this stuff," more so than usual that is, as I was. We were talking about Project Stargate and remote viewing and the idea that the government hadn't shut down a damn thing, just gone deeper down into the depths with their covert RV/mind control selves, when my plate exploded in my lap.

It's a heavy glass plate. I had it resting in my lap; we both heard a lot "bang" and the plate had broken into six pieces. We looked at each other and Jim said "That was pretty cool." Which was an insipid thing to say but I had to agree; it was "pretty cool." It made us laugh. The timing of the thing was weird, the thing itself was weird. A perfectly good plate, a heavy one at that, and it just broke into six clean pieces.

This happened to me one time before, when I was sixteen or so. I was sitting in my girlfriend's living room. I remember we were talking about sex, and, about ghosts.  A heavy green glass ashtray that was sitting on the bottom shelf of the TV stand kind of rose up in the air then, a loud bang, and the ashtray broke right in half. We both just looked at each other and, well, freaked. Obviously the combination of energies contributed to that incident; our age, the sexual charges in the air, and the communication-connection to the other side. A guarantee for that kind of thing.


Mike Clelland! said...


This is a pattern that I am fascinated by.

I have a series of very dramatic owl sightings, and on two occasions I was having a VERY profound conversation. You wrote: The energy was kind of "buzzy" and I had the same sense.

Really impressive!

- Both times a ROUND item broke (a plate & ashtray)

- When you were talking about SEX and GHOSTS it broke in TWO. (duality, life & death, boy and girl, heaven & earth)

- When the plate broke, it separated into 6 (alas, I have no idea what that means)

David Biedny has a story (he shares his story on an episode of THE PARACAST) where he had a GAINED time experience. It happened during a drive between Boston and NYC. THe drive should have been a known amount of time, but it was MUCH shorter. David describes a similar profound and intense conversation, and an almost mystical connection with his pal during the drive. Very interesting.

That is just one extra example, and I've heard the same thing before.

Huge thanks for sharing.
Mike C!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey! you should talk to our pal Greg Bishop: a similar thing happened to him when he was visiting one of his friends. In his case, it was a beer glass.

Hmmm... what's with the glass? could it be that its molecular structure or electrical conductivity is more 'sensible' to PK energy?