Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Paranoid Moment: Project Blue Beam and Vatican Investigations

I had just posted an item at UFO Mary about the Vatican's decision to openly investigate the BVM sightings at Medjurgoje. As I was posting that, I asked myself why now, after more than twenty years, would the Vatican make this announcement? The sightings have been occuring since 1981, with official mandates from the Catholic Church to not give any positive credence to the apparitions.

Then I check my email and find this link on the Authentic UFOs blog to a story, with YouTube clips, on Project Blue Beam and fake religious holographic projections to control  the masses.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Why investigate Medjugorge now? Well, maybe to deviate public opinion away from the sexual scandals that have been plaguing the Vatican this year.

The first of those Youtube clips was really good. The second, well... a little more unsubstantiated.

Meanwhile, I remember that essay written by Scott Corrales about BVM apparitions (that you linked a while ago), where he mentions:

"In April 1982, while the world was distracted by the Falklands War, hundreds of Cubans witnessed a huge explosion of tremendous brilliance, which immediately gave way to an image of the Virgin suspended in the night sky. Reports that trickled out of Cuba stated that "Our Lady of Regla"--Cuba's patroness--carried neither cross nor Christ child in her arms, smiled beningly and was clad in a snow white mantle. Other reports indicated that while the image lasted only minutes, it was there long enough to be peppered with rifle fire by frightened sentries. The "holy" image's provenance was never determined, but the Cuban government blamed a hologram beamed by a U.S. submarine in Havana Bay. The display's purpose, ostensibly, was that of reanimating a superstition in the Cuban people's mind about the Virgin's appearances signalling an imminent change in government, such as the sightings of the Virgin in 1933 and 1958, which heralded the downfall of the Urrutia and Batista regimes, respectively."

Nevertheless, I'm still skeptic that the US Military had in their possession that kind of capability in the 80s; and that it could be launched from a submarine.