Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pyramid Beam of Light Synchronicity!

The past few days had me working on two articles. One on the strange beams of light beaming down on witnesses, and the other on that, as well as the pryamid-triangle type of balloon like "UFOs" seen in December of last year. The latter article was just published on UFO Digest, the other hasn't yet been published.

From the UFO Digest article: 'New' UFOs: Of Triangles and Beams of Light:
on the recent beams of white light reported by witnesses in Oregon, Wisconsion and elsewhere:

Lately, beams of white and/or blue-ish hues have been beaming down on people, both in heavily populated areas, like West Linn, Oregon, as well as rural areas.
Theses beams of light light up large areas, are disconcertingly bright, and almost seem to go after humans, in the sense they appear right where humans will see them. Whether or not that last part is due to the specifics of the UFO, or coincidence, too early to tell. Me, always leaning on the paranoid suspect side of events like this, considers these weird beams to be intentionally staged “UFO” events. One beam of light contained a humanoid, reptilian type figure! Alien? Always a possibility. But (back to my paranoid suspect nature) a Project Blue Beam, hoaxed by psy-ops MIB types, event. 

Regarding the triangle, or more accurately, pryamid shaped UFOs from late last year:

Another new kind of UFO event were the strange balloon type triangles that appeared in Russia, China, England and Mexico in December of last year. Again, as with the beams of bright white light, these triangles are not the decades old giant black triangles seen by thousands of witnesses (myself included) the world over. These are more pyramid shaped; floating balloon type type objects floating in the skies.
Contrasting the two; beams of light, pryamid-triangle objects:
While the pyramids and beams of light are different in terms of type and behavior, they share the fact they are “new” types of UFO, something not seen before. And given their behavior, they are very likely man made. Purposes for the objects -- beams of light, floating pyramids -- may be very different, but they share things in common. What they share is covert activity over populated areas, performing for humans, and coveting secrecy as to their origin or purpose.
Beams of light, floating triangle-pyramids, both seem to appear in clusters. They’re not isolated events. A bunch of balloon type pyramids, a handful of white beams of light shooting down from the skies. Something, human or not, wants to get our attention.
And now, for a merging and a moment of synchroncity; Strange Planet gives us a report of beams of light shooting down into Mayan pryamids from July of 2009 with Mayan Pyramid Shoots out Beam of Light, in a Thunderstorm, as UFOs Hover All Around!:
Apparently, someone on vacation with their family, the beam shoots through the capstone of the Mayan pyramid, a thunderstorm ensues, and photos are captured of DOZENS of UFOs, on film, and even more on radar! 
There are several images of these beams of light on the Strange Planet blog, take a look and watch for updates, as I'm sure Dennis Whitney at Strange Planet will provide us with as soon as he gets them. 

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Looking at the original Italian site, below the pyramid photos there is this little text:

"Copyright © Jaime Maussan"

That should be a red herring to anyone considering to take this seriously.