Sunday, March 28, 2010

"They Took the Pieces and Jumbled Them Around"

Today we were driving on the road and going by the house we lived in so many years ago where we saw the orange orb, and I mentioned to Jim that I'd still like to retrace the route and take photos along the way; and maybe track the drive on a map. Then it occurred to me -- with a shock -- that the street where I saw the orb for the first time, Blanton Hts., can't be seen from that road! Such an obvious, glaring detail.

You can access Blanton going up a road across from the street we used to live on, or, from way down the highway, but not where I had remembered seeing it. When I realized this I felt all the blood drain from my face; I had a sinking feeling. So then, I asked Jim, where did we see that orb??!! (I had estimated the orb to be near Blanton Hts. which is not unrealistic, but not as specific as remembering the road itself where it clearly isn't.)

It was on Lorane Highway, and Jim said "I don't think it was when we were coming back from Joe's." (his name wasn't Joe but I won't use his real name here.) I said "We were coming from the west" (agreed), "It was dark, about 8:00pm" (agreed) -- where we were coming from? Why would we be coming from that direction at night?

No answer.

Jim said, "The memories are all in pieces..." and I agreed, saying "It's like they took the experience, all the pieces, and jumbled them all up."

We both agree it was dark, it was about 8:00 pm, we were coming from the west, we saw the orb somewhere along the way on Lorane Highway, and that it followed us home.

We don't remember what we doing before that, or why we were where we were, or, where we thought we were.

Lately, at times, we've been discussing the possiblity of hypnotic regression. But, I've always had trepidations about that, and now, with the David Jacobs/Emma Woods situation, I don't know at all about that.


Erik said...

Regressive Hypnosis?! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!

I don't think I need to say why. That has become all too apparent.

Just my advice from a fellow experiencer and no, I have never participated in Regressive Hypnosis and never will. Waaaaaay flawed are vulnerable to a plethora of suggestion. One confusion is enough. You don't need anymore.



Mike Clelland! said...

You need to pursue this. Maybe hypnosis isn't the right tool, but you should definitely visit the area again, retrace the events as best you can, writ it all down. Take some pictures and add an orange ORB to the photos (an EASY photoshop challenge!).

Maybe You and Jim should re-trace and document the events separately?

Using a map, some paper, and a digital camera and driving around - you could both try to document as best as you can.

Red Pill Junkie said...

"Using a map, some paper, and a digital camera and driving around - you could both try to document as best as you can."

There's also the Street View mode in Google Maps.